Step 1:  Select date options.  Coordinate with your club and rink to select possible dates for the seminar.  Ensure ice time and off-ice space are available for the hours needed.  

Step 2:  Contact us!  Check our availability and determine number of coaches required (usually based on number of skaters expected to attend the seminar).  

Step 3:  Confirm date.  Book ice time and send deposit to reserve your day(s).  

Step 4:  Advertise!  Let local skaters, coaches, and parents know about the seminar.  We can help with making a flyer for the event.  

Step 5: Finalize transportation and lodging for coaches stay.  Please confirm with us travel times and number of hotel rooms needed.  

Step 6: Register skaters.  Confirm final number of skaters before seminar so our coaches can plan accordingly.  

Step 7: Day of Seminar.  Make sure volunteers are in place and skaters, coaches, and parents are ready for a fun day!  After, be sure to give us your feedback!

One-Day Seminar (7 hours including lunch break):

  • Pricing available for 1, 2, or 3 coaches

Two-Day Seminar (7 hours including lunch each day)

  • Pricing available for 1, 2, or 3 coaches

Half-Day (4 hours)*

  • Pricing available for 1, 2, or 3 coaches

*Can be added on to a one or two-day seminar

Additional expenses include travel and hotel expenses of each coach.  Coaches will also be available for private lessons during trip.

Seminar Faculty

**Click Coaches Name for Full Bio**

Pierre Panayi:International Coach 

  • Skating Quality
  • Element Refinement ​         (Jumps and Spins)
  • Packaging Q&A for Coaches

Nick Traxler: National Coach and 


  • Creating a Program Concept
  • Footwork for IJS
  •  Music Interpretation

All of our coaches teach seminars in Skating Technique, Body Movement, Edge Control and Quality, Skating Core Drills, etc., in addition to some of their individual specialties listed above.  Fill out an inquiry form below and we can help you select the topics to include to best suit your skaters' needs.

Our seminars focus on improving skating quality, designed to increase program component marks and develop total-package skaters.  Our faculty member's specialties include skating technique, choreography, body movement, power and edges, off-ice training, packaging, and more.  Choose from our options below to tailor a seminar specific to your group's needs.

ICE STARS Seminars for Skating Excellence

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